How to Fix or Solve – Screen Overlay Detected Error in Android smartphone or Tablet

You must be here to find out the fix for the Error message “Screen overlay detected” in your Android smartphone. This has become a common Error being faced by many Android mobile users and I have been asked a lot about the same quite a few times. The Error is not a complicated one but it comes with a simple fix which we will be showing to you in a step by step process in this post.

This is a pretty new Error which has surfaced after Android Marshmallow update in many Android devices. It appears to be due to the permissions system in Android 6.0 OS, it will be seen whenever you try to access a new feature in an already installed App or download a new App from Google Play Store. You will get the message – “Screen overlay detected – To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off the screen overlay from Settings > Apps”.


What is the cause for Screen Overlay Detected Message in Android device:

As we mentioned earlier it is seen due to the updated permission settings in Android Marshmallow OS which restrict the App from opening and asks you to change the permission settings in the App to allow it to open. This message can sometimes be seen with all Apps which is a result of either two things, Side Key Panel option is turned on in your Android Device mostly seen in Samsung Note series devices and in some cases Clean Master app has also been known to be the culprit in getting this error.

Steps to Fix Error “Screen Overlay Detected Message in Android smartphone:

We will be explaining in detail each cause and the respective solution to each one.

Clean Master App: Many users have mentioned that even after trying all the below mentioned steps there was no respite. Later the problem stopped to arise once they uninstalled the Cleanmaster Application from their device which was the cause of the Error.

Slide Key Panel: This is an option seen in Samsung Note series to help in Single hand use. This is also one of the sources of the Screen Overlay detected Error in Samsung devices which has to be disabled to fix this error. How to Disable Slide Key Panel -> Select Display and Wallpaper -> One-handed operation -> Slide Key Panel -> turn off the feature.

Stop Draw / Appear over Other Apps feature:

This is a feature which is causing the error of Screen Overlay as the Apps which have the permission to Draw over the other apps or Appear over other apps running in the background. In all smartphones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS we get the option as Draw over other apps which in Samsung devices it is given as Apps that can appear on top. To stop this option follow the below mentioned steps.

On any Android device other than Samsung devices:

  • Tap on Settings
  • On the right side top of the settings option tap on the search option or the magnifying glass icon
  • Here you have to enter “Draw” and press Enter or you can go to Apps under settings and tap on Draw over other apps
  • Now tap on the Draw over other apps option seen in the list

In Samsung devices:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Now tap on Applications and then tap on Application manager
  • Tap on More in the list and you will be getting the option Apps that can appear on top option in a drop down menu
  • Turn off the App which you think is getting this error

These are the tricks which have helped us and many of the users who have tried it, the error can be due to any of the above mentioned causes so it is better to try each one of the tricks to see which one works for you. Identifying the App which is causing the problem will make it easier for you to fix the problem.

App based Solutions:

If any of the above mentioned manual solutions are not working, you can try installing these applications which will help in addressing the issue automatically. Make note that these are free apps and come with Advertisements.

Install Button Unlocker: This Application overrides issues caused by other apps and once you install the application you need to grant is permission to draw over other apps. I found this useful in fixing Screen overlay detected error while trying to upload photos in facebook, instagram etc and even while playing games like Plants vs zombies etc.


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