How to Fix or Solve “Not Registered on Network” Error in Smasung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 devices (UPDATED)

With the latest Galaxy device there is a problem or error which many people are facing mostly people using the galaxy s3, s4, and s5 devices which are getting the Error “Not Registered on Network”  when you are trying to either text or make a call. This error occurs when your network provider is able to retrieve your device imei number.

This is not a big issue but has been seen on many Galaxy devices which can be because the Firmware or the version of android on your device is not the latest updated one and sometimes there are issues with the network providers like Vodafone, AT&T, Docomo, Airtel, Orange etc.

Do make sure to check whether your device is Blacklisted or not as most blacklisted phones are facing this error. Blacklisted phones are the one’s which have not completed their contract payment and being used by unlocking the device.

A simple trick which worked for me earlier was to Put your device on Airplane mode and make a Phone call from your device and you will be asked to Turn Off Flight Mode to make a call and you have to Tap on OK or Yes and then you will be able to see your Network on your device.

UPDATED on September 3rd 2014

How to solve or fix Not registered to network error on galaxy s3 s4 and s5

Remove and Insert SIM:

 This is because of the fact that your device is not imported from the dealer of your country of your network provider in your country dose not accept your device yet. It can also be if your SIM card is Not Registered to Network or there are lack of Signals in the area.

  • This is a simple trick which I had tried and strangely it worked for me, all you have to do is remove your back panel and remove the SIM Card and wait for 5 seconds and replace it back.
  • Now try to use your galaxy s3, s4 or s5 and you will see that the error is gone.
  • If you are facing it again try to insert a SIM from a different Network provider.

If the SIM from other network worked on your device without showing the error then you have change your network provider, If the error is still being shown then follow the next step to get rid of it permanently.

Update your Device and Samsung Account Software:

  • Take yours Galaxy S3, S4 or S5 and make sure that it is fully charged as Software upgrades can take some time and also drain your battery fast and you would not want your device to be switched off in between an upgrade would you.
  • Unlock your device and go to the apps page
  • Tap on Settings app and first turn Wifi on and connect to an active network
  • Then go back to the settings page and scroll down to find the About Device option and Tap on it
  • You will now find Software Update and you have to tap on it to make your device search for any updates available from Samsung.
  • And will ask for your permission to update your device to the new firmware and you have to select OK and your device will start upgrading, make sure that your device is fully charged up and you have a fast internet connection either your Wifi network or 3G with sufficient data available for the upgrade.
  • After your device is updated it will restart automatically with the updated firmware.
  • Now you can try to access your network and the error will be gone, this is the main problem for getting this error and once upgraded you will not be getting this Not Registered on Network error again.

Manually Select your network provider: 

  • Tap on Settings -> Go to Wireless and Network option and tap on it
  • Now you have to Tap on Mobile Networks (if you are not able to find it tap on More and the -> Mobile Network) -> Network Operators
  • Now you will be getting the list of available networks in your area and you have to select the network to which your SIM belongs to and save the settings and go back.
  • If this is the case you have to contact your network provider and ask for new APN settings which will solve your problem if any of the above problems did not help you. The error was solved with an update but it has again surfaced from the past 3-4 months.
  • You should also try to change the network mode (WCDMA or EDGE) which has helped for some.

If you are still facing this error you can try the next step which is to Root your device and install a Patch which might be a problem if your phone is under warranty so, if you have a device which is under warranty the Best thing to do is to “Back up all your Data and do a Factory Reset” to solve the Not registered on Network Error  on your Samsung Device be it your s3, S4, S5 or the Note 2, Note 3 series.

Root your device and Install a Patch:

In case any of the above tricks are not working and you are ready to Root your device and install a Patch, you can try the next step which has helped some users and was shared by one user who had success with it, so try it at your own Risk.

  1. Root your Samsung galaxy device or if you have a Rooted device well and good go to the next step.
  2. You have to Install an Application from Google Play Store called – Busy Box
  3. This is an installer to help in installation of many Root Apps for you android device
  4. Now you have to install “Azira Patch” which is an APK file should be downloaded on your device
  5. Go to Files Manager and find the APK file and tap on it to install the Patch on your device (If you have any doubts regarding the Patch you can read the FAQ by the developer here – XDA Forums Thread.
  6. After the Patch is installed the Error should disappear but if you are facing it still you have to just restart your device.

Do let me know if you found any easier fix for the problem which I can share here to help others facing the same problem.


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