How to Fix or Solve File Download Errors in Google Chrome Browser

With the increase in Online usage, the number of errors being faced with browsers has also increased substantially, one of the most used Browsers is Google Chrome and there are many users who have complained about facing Errors while downloading any files using the browser. “File Download Errors” has become a regularly faced problem by users which is quite irritating if you are in a hurry and looking to download any important File and face the many Errors which are listed below, you can follow the troubleshoot or Solutions to these Errors.

How to fix or solve download Erorrs in Google Chrome for Windows

List of Download Errors in Google Chrome for Windows:

  • Network Failed Error
  • Virus Scan failed (virus detected) Error
  • Download Blocked
  • No File Error
  • Disk Full Error
  • Forbidden Error

If the Error you are facing is in this list, you can follow the steps mentioned below to fix the error in the post below.

One of the most common problems seen is the folder selected for download not being in the earlier location, it can be solved or fixed by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Settings
  • From Settings > Show Advanced Settings
  • Search for “Download location” and change this to any place you want
  • Uncheck ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’
  • Try to download a file
  • Now go to Settings > Advanced > Check ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading’

Making sure that giving permission to select “Ask where to save each file before downloading” is the best option to select the folder you want the particular file or image to be saved.

Network Failed Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

Make sure that your Windows Laptop or PC is connected to the Internet. This error has also been seen when the user is trying to save anything from Chrome web Store, it has been seen that Firewall is also a culprit and the second thing to do is check if Firewall is not blocking the download. The third reason can be when any other application is blocking the installation, it can be fixed by finding out the unwanted software in your Laptop or PC and removing it and try to download or install the file or application again to see if it is fixed.

Virus Scan Failed or Virus Detected Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

We can see that the Error tells you precisely what the problem is, your Antivirus Software is the culprit blocking the File download. It is important to note that if you are sure about the File being download is not Virus infected you can open your Anti Virus tool and check why the File has been download and give the permission to download the file if you are satisfied with the result.

The other reason can be Windows Attachment Manager, which might have removed the file being downloaded. It is suggested to change the security settings on your Windows Internet Security Software from Download preferences.

Download Blocked Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

This Error is also a result of your Windows Internet Security software blocking the download of the file or Windows Attachment Manager removing the file that is being downloaded as seen with the earlier error. The solution is similar to the last Error – change security settings of Windows Internet Security.

No File Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

The Error says it all, the file which is being downloaded is no longer available or the file has been removed from the site which had hosted it. All you can do now is, contact the website for any alternate or search for the file or software on other sites.

Disk Full Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

Another to the point Error, it suggests that your Storage or Disk space is Full and there is no space for the file being downloaded to be saved on. To fix this Error you need to delete some unwanted files on your Disk to free up space to save the file being downloaded.

Forbidden Error in Google Chrome – Fix:

This Error is faced when you do not have enough permissions to download the File. The blocking can be from the server or the website from which you are trying to download the File. This is sometimes seen when the IP address from which you are trying to download the file is being blocked by the website. The solution is to use an alternate IP address to download the file.

These are the Errors which are being faced in Google Chrome when the user is trying to download any File or install any application from any website or through the Google Chrome web store. If you have seen or faced any other Errors while downloading or installing any file or application, please mention it in the comments section which can be added to the post to help other users facing the same issue.

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