How to Fix or Solve Error BM-PP-14 while purchasing Apps in Google Play Store

Google play Store Errors have become a common thing with Errors popping up regularly and this Error which we are talking about is “Error (BM-PP-14)” which is being seen when in App purchases are done. The error is seen after clicking on the price button on the app while purchasing it and before you tap on the “Accept and download” button.
How to fix Error BM PP 14 Error in Google Play Store App purchase

This Error is seen in some specific apps as well and not with all apps as mentioned by many users. Let me tell you some solutions with which you can get rid or fix this Error while purchasing paid Apps in Google Play Store. Some users also faced this Error after getting the Error 942 while downloading the application and after fixing this Error while purchasing another application users were getting Error BM-PP-14.

Solution 1 to Fix or Resolve Error BM-PP-14 in Google Play Store:

If you have tried to purchase the app in Google Play Store on your Smartphone or Laptop or Desktop and got this Error.

Try to install the application on your Desktop or Laptop and Smartphone (if faced the error from desktop) by logging in into the application, now try to purchase the application which faced this error in smart phone and it must go through without facing any Error.

If you are still facing this Error even when trying to install the application through the alternate way then you have to try the next step.

Solution 2 to Solve Error BM-PP-14 Google Play Store:

The above mentioned solution worked most of the times and if you are still facing this Error follow the below steps.

1. Log in to Google Wallet and on the left side of the display you can see a “Payment method” option which will show your Credit or Debit card with your address in it.

2. Then tap on the “More” option and you will find that there is another “Address” option given there, if the address given here is different from the address given in the earlier page then this error arises.

3. You have to put in the same address as seen earlier with your card details.

4. After that tap on the Settings icon and here too enter the same address as given in your card.

5. Save all the settings and you are good to go, try installing or purchasing any application and you will not face any errors.

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