How to Fix or Solve Bluetooth Connectivity problem in Android Oreo

Are you facing connecting your Android smartphone Bluetooth to other devices after updating to Android Oreo 8.0? Do not worry, you are not alone there is an issue with the Android 8.0 Oreo update being sent out by Google. This Error started last year in August and some users are still complaining of the problem on their Android devices. The Bluetooth connectivity Error has been seen from Beta builds of the OS and is even seen in the Stable releases coming out from Google.

Many users have faced the issue with their Bluetooth connectivity – Cannot connect to Bluetooth headset, Cannot connect to Car Bluetooth (Android Auto), Cannot pair your device with other smartphones etc. Google has accepted that it is an Error which is noted and will be sending out a fix for the same with the next updates. Some devices are fixed with the updates but some have not.

Bluetooth connectivity issue in Android Oreo

If you are one of those who was not able to fix the Bluetooth Connectivity issue even after an OS update, follow the simple steps mentioned below to Fix the Error.

Method #1 – Turn Off and Turn On Bluetooth Connection:

Try the simplest Solutions first which might actually work if you have not done these already. Bring down the drop-down menu from the top and toggle Off the Bluetooth connection and turn it On after 10 seconds, sometimes if there is a minor error in Bluetooth connectivity it might be fixed.

Method #2 – Reboot your smartphone:

Another simple solution is to just Reboot your smartphone, this will reset the settings of your Bluetooth Connection which might fix the Connectivity Error in some cases.

Method #3 – Remove Paired Devices:

There are always a lot of previously Paired devices stored in the device memory, you need to Remove all the paired devices and Add them again. Tap and Hold or Long press on the Bluetooth Icon in the drop-down menu or settings -> Now in these settings you will be seeing the list of devices paired earlier -> Long press on each paired device and remove pairing. You need to add the device you are trying to connect to once again.

Method #5 – Clear Bluetooth Cache and Data:

Clearing Cache and Data from the Bluetooth service can fix the error which might have been caused due to any cache being stored earlier.

Go Settings -> Now tap on Applications -> Tap on the three dot icon on the top right corner and select “Show System Apps” from the list -> Scroll through the list and tap on “Bluetooth or Bluetooth Share” -> Now tap on Storage -> Here tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data one after the other and you are done.

Method #4 – Reset Network Settings:

Android devices have an option called Reset Network Settings, this option will reset your entire phone network settings to how it was when new or default. To Reset your phone Network settings in Android – Go to Settings -> Tap on Backup & Reset -> Tap on “Network Settings reset” option -> Tap on Reset Settings option -> You will be getting a Warning, tap on Reset Settings again.

Method #5 – Update to the Latest OS:

If you have not yet updated to the latest OS on your device, do it immediately as Google sends out updates with the new OS updates to fix this Bluetooth connectivity issues. Some devices get it earlier than others and hence it is important to regularly keep updating your devices with Stable OS updates.

Sometimes if nothing works a complete Phone Reset is the best solution, make sure that you Back up all your important data before going for a Factory reset of your devices as everything will be lost.

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