How to Fix “OK Google” not working or unresponsive – Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a very useful and futuristic feature made available by Google which utilizes the various services from the company like Google Search, Maps etc to give you a personal assistant right in your pocket. Earlier only the Stock Android smartphones used to have this feature but Google has started to include this feature in all devices running Android OS. Although very useful, many users have complained about Google Assistant being unresponsive at times and even after repeating the phrase “OK Google” multiple times there was no response from the smartphone.

If you are someone facing this from Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, check out the various solutions to this problem listed below.

How to fix OK Google not working problem

Method 1: Check the Microphone on your device

Google Assistant relies on Voice commands which are received through the device microphone and if there is any issue with your microphone, you will be facing unresponsiveness from  Google Assistant. Check for any issues with the microphone –

See if there is any obstruction in the microphone slot at the bottom of your device, if you can spot any using a safety pin to clean it out carefully can fix the problem

Check the microphone functionality using the Google App

Method 2: Check your language settings:

Google Assistant does not work if you have set it to another language, for example, if you have set it to your native language and you are speaking in English the Google Assistant does not recognize the phrase and is hence unresponsive. Follow the steps mentioned below to see whether the language settings are set properly and change it if needed.

Go to Settings -> Applications -> Google App

Go to Main menu under Google App -> Settings -> Voice (search)

Here you will be seeing the list of languages available, scroll through the list and select the language you wish to use

You can select two languages as well – Primary and Secondary

Update “OK Google” Phrase:

There are many instances in which Google Assistant has lost the commands or does not retain the commands set earlier. This can make it difficult for the Google assistant to understand your commands and hence there will be no response when your call out OK Google. To fix this, you need to retrain Google Assistant to your command by following the steps below.

Launch Google App -> Go to Settings > Now tap on Voice (under Search) > here select Voice Match. From there, tap Retrain voice model and say “OK Google” three times, as you did when you initially set it up.

That is it, you have succesfully restored the voice command and try it once to check if this was the problem and whether it is fixed.

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