How to Fix – Not able to generate code for Jio SIM in MyJio App on any Android smartphone

With Reliance announcing and including almost every 4G enabled smartphone into the list of smartphones eligible to get Reliance Jio 4G SIM card. The Reliance Jio 4G SIM is eligible for getting the Preview offer of Free 4G data along with free voice calls till December 31st. The company has made it mandatory to follow a set of given steps to get your hands on the Reliance Jio SIM card. Reliance has made it mandatory to generate a code which is specific to each smartphone supporting Reliance Jio and this code has to be shown at any Reliance Digital or Reliance DX store to get the SIM card after the verification process which is being done at the spot activating the SIM card within 15 mins.

If you are stuck at the first stage of generating the code from your 4G enabled Android smartphone follow the steps below to know “How to generate your exclusive offer code for Reliance Jio SIM Card”. (In case you have already tried these steps, scroll down to see the solution)


  • Install the “MyJio App” in your 4G enabled Android smartphone from Google Play Store
  • Now launch the MyJio App and tap on “Install Apps” mentioned in the App (Installs all the apps mentioned, so make sure you have enough space in your device).
  • After installing all the apps close the MyJio App and re-launch it
  • Now you will be getting the option – “Get Jio SIM” tap on it
  • Now the Code will be generated and displayed on the screen – “Your exclusive offer code” showing the validity, bar code and the offer code number below it.
  • Make sure to take a screenshot of this page and save it, you should produce it at the Reliance Digital store or Reliance DX store. You can also open the App to see the code, but it is better to be safe.

If you are someone who has tried all these steps and is not able to generate the Jio Code, lets us first look at why this might be happening – Why is my 4G smartphone not able to generate offer code for Jio SIM?

One of the major reasons is in the MyJio App itself and not with your smartphone, it was mentioned that sometimes the MyJio App is not able to take the device ID which does not recognize your device and hence not able to generate the code. Reliance has also made it a point to generate the codes to only select smartphones which they are announcing in phases to get the code and the new latest MyJio App does not give out codes for devices which are from other countries or does not support a select 4G spectrum, Band.

So now that you know the problem you might be thinking how can we fix the problem which is in the App itself, do not worry there is a solution for this as well. It is to simply install the older version of the My Jio App which was allowing any 4G enabled smartphone to generate the Code to get the SIM card.

  • Firstly uninstall the existing MyJio App from your 4G smartphone
  • Now Download the older version of the MyJio app APK file
  • Before you start with the APK file installation make sure to Turn off Internet connectivity, be it mobile data or WiFi on your device
  • Install the APK file and then restart your Android smartphone
  • Launch the installed App and follow the same process of install all the associated Apps in the list mentioned in MyJio by tapping on the “Install All” option.
  • After installation close the MyJio App and re-launch it
  • You will be seeing “Get Jio SIM” option here, tap on it to generate the code without any problem

This is the process for any smartphone be it Samsung, LG, YU, Panasonic, Asus etc all of which are now eligible to get the Jio SIM with 4G preview offer. Check out the List of Smartphones which support Reliance Jio SIM card – Samsung, LG, HTC, Intex and Vivo, Asus and Panasonic smartphones.


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