How to Fix Heating issues in Xiaomi Mi 4i

Xiaomi recently launched its mid range flagship device as they like to call it the Mi 4i which is being complained a lot by its users because of the heating problem which is being posted by many users even with little usage. There are reviews on Flipkart and also in the MIUI forum itself stating that the heating issue has started just 1 days after the phone is being used on just making calls. The problem is mainly with the processor the Battery and the MIUI v6 skin. So let us know why it is happening.

How to fix excess heating problem in xiaomi mi 4i

What are the reasons for Xiaomi Mi 4i to heat up so much ?

As we know that the Xiaomi Mi 4i runs on the Snapdragon 615 processor which has been known to be a heater of a processor seen in many other devices in which it was used like the HTC Desire 820, Oppo R5 and Yu Yureka which faced the same problem of heating up a lot on minimal usage. This cannot be a coincidence. Xiaomi introduced the same chipset but a second generation one claiming that it does not have the same heating problem. But that is not the case and the heating problem is same if not more when compared to the earlier chipset.

Another factor is the MIUI v6 skin which the device comes with, there are users of phones like Redmi etc who have upgraded from MIUI v5 to v6 and complained that their devices were also heating up a lot compared to before the update. So this also seems to be a factor in the heating problem. Not just while playing high end games but also during calls the device heats up a lot which is not a good sign for any smart phone.

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi 4i heating issue:

Update your device to the latest firmware release by Xiaomi. Latest OTA update namely MIUI V6.5.5.0 LXIMICD was released for some users to install in and around May 26th which is also meant to fix the heating issue and also fix the other errors which were being caused by the V6.5.4.0 in Mi 4i like the Home button not working properly. This update will be available for all the users shortly if you did not get it by now. This update surely has worked for some users who are saying that the heating problem is a lot less compared to earlier. We have also installed the update and found it better than before but the heating issue is not resolved completely.

There was an update earlier released by the company update V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD around 800MB in size which was meant to help fix the excess heating issue, but after installing this update on their Mi 4i device users started facing the Power Button not working properly problem and the update was stopped.

Even after the update if your heating issue is not under control then we are going to show you some simple and basic points which should be used to help control the RAM and processor power used which will control the heating problem to some extent.

Simple steps to keep the Heat under control in Xiaomi Mi 4i:

Even after the update if you are facing the heating issue we suggest you follow these simple steps to make sure that there is less load on the processor and RAM.

Always make sure that no Background Apps are running which use up a lot of RAM and Processing power. Apps like Google Chrome, Facebook, Facebook Chat etc take out a lot of power from the system.

Do not use your Mi 4i while charging not just taking calls even gaming or chatting which can heat up your device, as Mi 4i supports quick charging option it tends to heat up faster while charging if any functions are being used.

Turn OFF GPS and turn it on only when required, GPS tends to take up a lot of RAM as the location settings are used by many apps in the background when it is turned ON which will make the processor and RAM run faster and making it heated up fast. This is not just the case in Mi 4i but happens with all the devices.

There are other options like installing Custom ROM which can be done to make sure that MIUI v6 part of the heating is eliminated and help in managing this problem much better. There are regular updates from Xiaomi regarding the heating issue and it is better if you wait and install the updates, after the  recent OTA update there is a lot less complaints about the heating issues compared to what it was earlier.

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