How to Fix Google App is Crashing on OnePlus Phones

Google Apps are one of the most used across the world with millions of OnePlus phones running on Android, Google App crashing on OnePlus phones has been reported recently by many users. OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T users have complained of Google App crashing or closing by itself on opening (Ex. opening Google Search and it crashes suddenly). Devices running on OxygenOS 9.0.11 and Google app version are the devices which are facing this issue of Google Search App crashing on opening it.

With Google search being one of the most commonly used Apps in your smartphone, it is quite frustrating if you keep facing this Error while opening the App. So let us check How to prevent crashing of Google App in OnePlus smartphone.

How to Fix Google App crashing in Android (OnePlus):

There are two Fixes which will let you solve this issue – Clear Cache and Data of Google App and the other one is Uninstall Google App Updates via Play store.

How to Clear Cache and Data of Google App:

Cache and Data store some unwanted files which will lead to this error, so removing the cache and data will remove these unwanted files fixing this Error.

  • Tap on Settings > Now tap on Apps or Applications > Scroll through the list and tap on Google
  • Now tap on Force Stop
  • Next tap on Storage > Clear Storage > tap on Clear All Data tab
  • Now tap on Clear Cache

Go back to your Homepage and then open the Google Search app to check if the Google App is still crashing, it is still present you need to follow the next steps.

How to Uninstall Google App updates via Google Play Store:

This will help in stopping or removing any updates which might be leading to this Error.

  • Tap on Google Play Store
  • Now in Search type – ‘Google‘ and open it
  • Tap on the Uninstall tab and select OK to remove all updates for the App

Go back to your Homepage and try using the app to check if the Error is still persisting.

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