How to Fix / Solve Error “There is a problem parsing the package” in Android device

Android is evolving everyday with the new updates and devices entering the market and so are the number of errors faced by users is increasing. Some are because of errors due to network issues and others due to Android Play Store, most of which have simple fix’s and some are complicated. One such error is “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” which is faced when the user tries to install any App or Game from Google play store on their device.

This error has been seen in users who tried to install applications through Google Play Store or through Apk files, so if you have faced this error while installing any app in your android device check out the three Solutions to fix the Parse Error in Google Play Store.

How to fix there is a problem parsing the package in Android device

Solution 1: Allow Apps Installation from Unknown Sources:

This is the most basic and the easiest solution of the lot, in every Android smartphone there is an option activated to prevent any third-party sources from installing Applications other than Google Play Store. This will also prevent any attempt by you to install any application using APK file. So if this is the problem you can fix it by turning off the setting, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll through the options and under Personal seclect Security
  • Now tap on Security and under Device administration you will find “Unknown Sources – allows installation of apps from unknown sources”
  • Turn it On (this will allow apk file installation on your device)

Now try to install the application which was facing this error and if it is not successful go to the next solution.

Solution 2: Check your .apk file:

Sometimes the problem might be with the .apk file which was downloaded, it can be due to multiple reasons like incompletely downloaded file or corrupted apk file. You need to download the application once again and make sure that the file is completely downloaded. Another reason can be that the App you are trying to install is Incompatible with your Android device, this can occur when you are using an older version of the OS which is not supported by the application.

Solution 3: Disable Antivirus:

Some Antivirus block the installation of certain applications from sources other than Google Play Store. The solution to this problem is to disable the Antivirus temporarily during installing the application and to activate it after installation of the app.

These are the most common solutions which have helped users to fix the Error “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” and if you have tried the fixes and are still facing the Error you need to try Enabling USB Debugging by going into Settings ->About Phone -> Tap on Build number for seven times which will show a message “You are now a developer”. Now you need to go to Developer options and tap on USB debugging to enable it.

If you have found any easier or any other solution to this Error do share in the comments section, so that we can add it in this post with due credit give to you, which might help someone.

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