How to Fix Error Code 24 in Google Play Store

There are many errors which are popping up in Google Play Store when you are either installing a App or trying to update it. After the Kitkat 4.4 update the frequency of these kinds of errors has decreased but there are some errors like the one we are talking about here Error Code 24 which appears in Google Play store when we are trying to Update or Install an App. This Error is seen in Jelly Bean and ICS as well.
The Error 24 can be seen when you are installing an App or Updating an App and this can be seen only with One App in your Smart phone or with multiple Apps. Most commonly faced during installation or updating apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Skype Keyboard, Facebook
We have already written tutorials about How to solve many other errors occurring in Play Store like Error 941, Error 921, and Error 495.
How to solve or fix error code -24 in google play store

Clear Cache:

We have tried this already and it did not work but, maybe it might be the solution for you before you go for some bigger solutions. If you do not know how to clear Cache here it is (Settings -> Applications -> Manage Apps -> Click on App -> Clear Cache)
You can also Clear the Cache and junk files using Apps like Clean Master.

Removing App Folder using File Manager:

Note: You have to Root your device to do these steps.
This method does not require any Factory Reset but you will require a good File Manager (example – Es File browser) to help make changes to the System Files.
Give Root Access to view data/data/ ”App name” folder and also change your Root as Writeable which earlier used to be “Read”. These Settings can be found under the Settings Menu and after that you can easily navigate around.

If all these fail you need to follow the next step which will surely solve the problem but you have to Back up all your data First and then go for it.

Factory Reset:

Back up all your data on your device and then go for Factory Reset. This will clear all the data from your device and change all the setting to the way they were when you first opened your device. This can be the last resort as some users with some models were not able to get rid of this error even after trying all the above steps mentioned and Factory Reset was the only option which helped.


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