How to Fix Error 489 app could not be downloaded solution

There are many errors which are coming up in Google Play store while updating or installing apps in your android device and Error 489 is one such error which is seen while installing updates or downloading any app from google play store. This is seen from almost 2 years in play store and Google has not bothered to fix this with any latest updates too.

What is the reason for Error 489?

It seems to be caused due to Google account settings not being updated or sometimes due to network problems which can be solved quite easily by following the tutorials we have written below.

How to fix or solve error 489 while installing app from google play store

Solution 1 for Error 489 in Google Play Store:

This is useful if you are having a problem because of Google Account settings, all you have to do is remove and re-add your google account to your device to fix it, we will show you how it is done step by step.

  • Go to Settings and scroll through it and tap on Accounts
  • Now see for Google there and tap on it
  • Tap on the options icon to open it and now tap on Remove account
  • You will have to tap on Confirm to finalize that
  • Now you have to Reboot or restart your device
  • Go back to the same option and re add your google account from there
  • Save the google account option

Now you have to go to settings and then tap on applications manager here find google play store and tap on clear data and clear cache and go back to home page. – “This step is important”

Now try to install or update the app which you faced the error with and see if the error is fixed or is still returning.

Solution 2 to fix Error 489:

  • Log into Google Play store website in your Laptop or PC using your gmail id.
  • Search for you app in the store.
  • Click on install.

You have to make sure that your mobile is also connected to internet during this time. Then App which was showing
Error 489 will get downloaded and installed in you mobile.

Solution 3 for Error 489 in Google Play store:

This solution is to check if the error is due to network settings problem. If you are seeing Error 489 while downloading or installing updates from mobile network or from Wi-Fi try to change the internet connection and install the app to see if the error is persisting or not.

If you are facing the Error 489 while downloading from mobile network install the app from Wi-Fi and vise-versa. In case you are having only mobile network and do not have access to Wi-Fi, you can change the APN settings in your device and try the update or installation.

One of these two steps will fix this problem as most users have said that the first step has been useful. If you are facing the same error and have found a new way to fix this error do share with us so that we can share with other users through the comments section.


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