How to find topics to write in your Technology Blogs daily

Blogs of all kinds are popping up by thousands daily in all niches all around the world, and the competition and struggle to be in the top is making everyone work hard on their blogs and if you want to keep ahead of everyone in the race you need to keep updating your blog daily.

How to find topics to update your blog daily

I think the main principal of a successful blog is ” The Blog which gets Updated Daily”, if there is content you will have something to do SEO for and back linking etc, so always remember “Content was, is and always will be King”. So now the main question arising in your head is, how to write daily and how to find suitable topics to update your blog daily ??

Google Alerts: This is the most useful tool to write about technology, go to Google alerts and enter your related keywords, for example if you are concentrating on Android in your blog – You can enter “latest android updates” in the keyword and keep a restriction on how many posts you want to be sent to your mail daily ex. 20 posts/day. Now you will be getting related posts to your mail and you will be having a good list of posts and topics to select from for writing.

Google Trends: This is a great website to know the latest trends today, as Google trends shows you the list of “top searches” over a period of time which the users are searching. This is effective if you have a Technology news blog.

Facebook Groups and Pages: With the increase in Facebook and reaching 1 billion users, groups and pages related to every category have increased considerably. Facebook has become a great source for finding new topics to write.

Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites like Digg, Stumble upon, Pinterest, Linked in etc can be used to find new topics and trending topics in the Technology world.

Technology Forums: Technology forums are everywhere and the discussion trending in these forums can be a good source of topics..

Technology Giants: Websites like, etc are the giants in technology and there are many top websites which can be followed to get good topics to write about.

Twitter: Twitter is also a great source for bloggers to have a check on the latest trends in every field. With innumerable bloggers using  twitter to market their blogs, it gives us a chance to keep track of the latest trends in 140 characters.

In the End it is the Blogger and his zeal to update the blog daily which makes helps you to find new ways to be at the top of your competition. These are just some most useful ways to find topics online.

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