How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook and Instagram

In the time of Social Media, having a Facebook and Instagram account has become mandatory for not just millennials but for people or all age groups, it is important for everyone to have good passwords and protect your account from being accessed by others. It is important that you use complex and unique passwords to have security to your accounts, apart from just having a password it would be good to have another layer of security in the form of Two-Factor Authentication which means having another security measure such as a Fingerprint, Face ID, Iris scanner or 2FA code generator which generates a new code for every login.

So now that you are aware of Two-Factor Authentication and its advantages, let us look at How you can activate the option in Facebook and Instagram on your Android or iOS device.

Steps to Enable 2FA on Facebook for Android/iOS:

  1. Open or Launch Facebook Application on your Android or iPhone
  2. Now tap on the Three Lines (Hamburger) icon located on the bottom right o screen (iPhone) or Top Right corner in Android device
  3. Scroll down to Settings & Privacy option and tap on the downward facing arrow on the right of it
  4. Tap on Settings and then tap on Security and login option in the list
  5. Scroll down to locate Two-factor authentication section and tap on it
  6. You have to choose between the security method you wish to use – Authentication App (Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile) or Text message (SMS)
  7. In case you choose Text Message or SMS you will be receiving an SMS to verify your mobile number
  8. In case you choose Google Authenticator you will be taken to a Set up page where you will need to scan the QR code from the Authentication App
  9. You need to Add token on your device, tap YES
  10. Copy the code displayed and then enter the 6-digit code in the Facebook App and tap on Continue

Steps to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram:

Launch Instagram App and login to your Account

Now tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen, now tap on the three lines menu icon on the top right corner

Tap on Settings and then tap on Security

Here you need to select Two-factor Authentication located under the Login security option

Tap on Get Started and then Choose the authentication method you wish to choose – SMS or Text message or Authentication Security App. Follow the steps to complete the set up.

These are some simple steps which are going to help you secure Instagram and Facebook apps on your smartphone from people viewing unwantedly.

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