How to Enable or Activate Two-step verification feature on WhatApp

WhatsApp has been high on giving your data the highest amount of security by introducing security features such as end-to-end encryption earlier which protects the chat and data being sent or received to be secure and protect it from any third party. Now WhatsApp has introduced a new security feature – 2-step verification, which brings in another layer of security for its users across all platforms like Android, iOS and Windows phone on February 10th 2017.

With the two-step verification process, users will now be requiring a six-digit passcode whenever you want to verify your number on WhatsApp. This will prevent anyone apart from you to verify your number from a different smartphone without your knowledge as now with the two-step verification enabled you need a six-digit code which will be set by you to successfully verify your number.

Steps / How to enable two-step verification on WhatsApp:

By default, the two-step verification option will be turned off on your WhatsApp application

To activate the option, launch WhatsApp application and tap in the three dot icon on the right side top of the screen in your device.

Now tap on Settings from the drop down menu and then tap on Account

Now you have to tap on the Two-Step Verification option

How to activate two step verification on WhatsApp

You will get a page which will ask you to tap on the Enable option to activate the feature

Now you will be asked to enter a 6-digit passcode which will be asked when you register your phone number with WhatsApp, enter the desired code and tap on next and re-enter the earlier code and tap on next again

How to enable 2 step verification feature on WhatsApp

Now you will be directed to a page which will be asking you to link your WhatsApp account to your email address which can be useful if you forget the 6-digit passcode, enter your email i.d in the account and tap on next (if you do not want to enter your email i.d, you can tap on skip and finish the activation process). Re-enter the mail i.d again and tap on Save to finish the two-step verification activation in your WhatsApp.

Note: it is better to link up your WhatsApp account with your email i.d as it will be useful when you forget the passcode and your mail i.d can be used to recover the passcode.

How to disable, change email or code in two step verification on WhatsApp

If want to disable the two-step verification feature activated on your WhatsApp account you can disable or change passcode or add or edit email i.d by following the below mentioned steps – Go to Settings -> Account -> Two-Step Verification -> disable. By following the same steps you can even change the passcode or add or change the email address as and when needed.


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