How to Enable Guest Account in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

There are many features to Windows 10 which are hidden like the Dark Theme in Windows 10 and some basic features such as Guest User Account which is present in the previous versions as well. Windows 10 comes with built in user accounts along with administrator accounts which are disabled.

Guest User account on your Windows 10 Laptop or PC is useful when you are looking to lend it to any of your friends or relatives who want to browse and at the same time you can protect your valuable data and files from being accessed by the users. The Guest user account is disabled and needs activation as it is easier for hackers to access your account. So make sure that you enable the Guest User account only when you need it and disable it when not needed to protect your laptop or PC from hackers.

How to Enable Guest User account in Windows 10 Laptop or PC:

Open Run command by pressing Windows Key + R in your Windows 10 Laptop or PC

How to set up Guest User account in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

In Run command type – lusrmgr.msc and press Enter.

You will now be taken to local Users and Groups box

Here Click on the Users option in the left side box which will give you a list of options seen in the right side box

How to set up Guest User in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

Double Click on Guest from the list of options which will launch a Guest Properties pop up box

Here you will be see that the option Account Disabled is selected, which needs to be unchecked

How to activate Guest user account in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

If needed you can Enter a Name for this account in the Full Name section or leave it Empty and then press OK

And there you go, you have successfully activated Guest User account in Windows 10 and you can check if it is working or not by logging out of the present account and on the login page you will now be seeing the Guest user account. You can even put a password if needed for this account to make sure that only people who know the password can access the account. And keep in mind to Disable the Guest User account after you are done using it, to make sure that your laptop or PC is safe from hackers.

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