How to Enable and use Three Finger Screenshot in Android 10

Among the various features in Android 10, one of the most useful ones is the three-finger screenshot which can be taken using a single hand. All the other methods need you to use two hands which can be quite difficult at times and requires multiple attempts to get the screenshot you require. The feature which will be available in Android 10 running smartphones along with other smartphones which have made this feature available with their UI such as Xiaomi devices running MIUI 9 or later, Samsung smartphones, Motorola devices, Nokia, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus (Oneplus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, etc).

For all other devices which do not run on Android 10 can take a screenshot in the traditional method by pressing the Volume Down Key + Power button at the same time for a couple of seconds after which the screenshot will appear on the display and you will get options as to what to do with them – Share or Edit it. Let us look at how to activate and capture three-finger screenshot in Android 10 smartphones.

How to Activate and Take Three-Finger Screenshot:

  1. Tap on Settings to open it
  2. Now tap on Gestures & Custom features option in the settings
  3. Tap on Three-finger screen option
  4. Now tap on the Toggle switch seen below to activate the feature

Samsung smartphones: Settings > advanced settings > Motion and gestures > Palm swipe capture (there is no three-finger screenshot option in Samsung devices but has a Palm swipe capture option)

Huawei smartphones: Go to Smart assistance > Motion control > Three-finger screenshot > tap on the toggle switch to turn it on

Xiaomi (MIUI 9 or later) smartphones: Settings > Additional Settings > Button and Gesture shortcuts > Take a screenshot > now tap on the slide three fingers down under the Button and Gestures Previews

You can now try the feature to get the hang of it by tapping on the Try it Out option at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can practice the feature as you need to keep your fingers on the screen for the right amount of time to capture the screenshot. You can add any app in the Exceptions list which will prevent you from taking any screenshot such as WhatsApp which can have your private data.

To open the Exceptions option you need to tap on the Settings option at the bottom left of the screen in the Tree finger screenshot page. In the Exceptions page, you need to tap on the “+” option at the bottom right of the screen. Now Select the App from the list which you do not want to take the screenshot. You can follow the same steps if you want to remove the app from the exceptions list.

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