How to Enable and Use Screen Magnifier in Galaxy S4 and Note

While using the Samsung Galaxy S4  and Note3 you might sometimes wish to have a magnifier to read the small text while browsing through internet or Mail. Our eyesight these days is bad and i use a lot of the Magnification feature on my Desktop to look at some small text and details.

This Screen Magnification feature is available in Galaxy S4 which many of the users are not mentioning about but i am surely exited about it and find it very helpful. I don’t want to strain my eyes and you too should use this. Main advantage in this is that you can Zoom in on any screen you like on your phone like the home screen as well. How to use screen magnification in android devices

Steps to Enable Screen Magnification in Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3:

  1. Go to Settings – (Click on the Wrench icon)
  2. Go to “My Device” – (Present on the top of Screen)
  3. Open “Accessibility” – (Scroll down half way)
  4. You will see the “Magnification Gestures” under the Vision section and click on it
  5. You can Enable this feature from the top right of the page

How to Use Magnification Gesture in Galaxy S4 and Note 3:

After activating the Magnification gesture you can now Zoom in on any screen on your device be it the Home Screen, Video, Browser etc.

  • On any Screen where you have to Zoom in on the Screen – You can Zoom in by “Tapping 3 times” on the screen.
  • You can move around on the screen by using 2 fingers.
  • To Zoom in and Zoom out the usual Pinch to Zoom feature should be used.

This feature is available in any Android Device which has the latest software or any OS after the 4.2 version. So be it the Galaxy s4 or Note 2 or Note 3 you cna use this feature to your advantage.

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