How to enable Airtel eSIM and Dual SIM on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR in India

Apple during the launch of their latest line up of iPhone’s – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR has announced that their smartphones will be supporting Dual SIM – nano SIM + eSIM support with carriers. The Carriers which support Apple eSIM technology in India are Airtel and Reliance Jio. The support for eSIM has been updated to their latest smartphones via iOS 12.1.

What does eSIM mean?

It is an electronic or embedded SIM technology which is built into the phone and does not require a physical card. A small chip is embedded into the phone which is used by the carrier to authenticate your identity. An eSIM is also called as – eUICC or embedded Universal Circuit Card.

The information in the eSIM is rewritable which mean you can change the operator directly from your home and there is no need to go to the carrier and get a physical sim.

How to activate eSIM in Airtel for iPhone XS, XS max and XR

How to Activate eSIM in your iPhone on Airtel Network:

Note: eSIM can only be used in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Step 1: Update your iPhone to iOS 12.1

Step 2: Now from the SIM or number which you want to convert as an eSIM, send an SMS to 121 with content “eSIM <registered email i.d>

Step 3: You will get an email with a QR code from Airtel to your submitted email i.d

Step 4: Make sure you open the email on another device as you need to scan the QR code with your iPhone.

Step 5: Now on your iPhone, tap on Settings -> Cellular -> tap on Add Cellular Plan -> now tap on Use your iPhone to scan the QR code 

Step 6: Scan the QR code by pointing the iPhone camera on the QR code sent to your email

Step 7: After scanning the QR code you will be receiving a message asking you to confirm eSIM change request by sending a reply with within 60 seconds

Step 8: You will get a call to reconfirm the eSIM change request to protect you from financial and banking frauds

Step 9: Once you reconfirm, your Airtel eSIM will be activated within a few hours

The Airtel eSIM will be set as default as the secondary SIM and the nano SIM is set as the primary SIM. You can change it from settings by changing it to primary and secondary lines.

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