How to Download or Save IGTV Videos on your Phone, Laptop or PC

With the recent launch of IGTV by Instagram (Instagram TV) the monoply enjoyed by Youtube as the top Video Streaming platform is under threat with IGTV also a Free user-shared content platform and with the already huge user base on Instagram it is being accepted and used quite easily and is growing fast as well. On launch Videos on IGTV were restricted to 60 seconds which has now been extended to 60 minutes which is more than enough for users.

With thousands and rapidly closing to millions of IGTV videos being shared, we would like to view these videos Offline as we might not be having the best of internet connections at all times. So in cases like that, it would be useful to have IGTV Videos downloaded Offline and viewed later on. Follow the steps mentioned below –

How to Download and Save IGTV or Instagram Videos:

There are two ways with which you can download IGTV videos on your smartphone or Laptop or PC will be dividing the tutorials into two portions, one for Desktop PC or Laptop and other for smartphones.

Steps to Download IGTV or Instagram Videos on your Laptop or PC:

From your Desktop or Laptop, you need to access a website – IGTVLoader to help download and save the videos to be viewed offline.

Step 1: Launch any browser in your Laptop or PC

Step 2: Now go to

How to Download or save Videos from IGTV or Instagram to your smartphone, laptop or PC

Step 3: Now copy the Video which you want to download from IGTV and paste in the Search bar in the website and click on Search

Step 4: You will be getting the option to download the Video, save the video on your device and you can view it offline whenever you wish to

Steps to Download IGTV Videos on your Android Smartphone:

For downloading or saving IGTV videos on your smartphone, you will be needing an App – Downloader for IGTV which has the easiest interface and can be used to download Videos to your smartphone to be viewed later on.

Step 1: Install the Downloader for IGTVapp on your Android smartphone and launch the app

Step 2: Give permissions for the app to Access photos, media etc on your device – Tap on Allow

Step 3: Make sure that the Quick download for IGTV/Insta is enabled

Step 4: Tap on Open IGTV or Open Instagram

Step 5: Select the Video from your timeline that you want to download using the IGTV downloader

Step 6: Tap on the three-dot menu button at the bottom of the screen and select Copy Link

Step 7: The download starts and you can see the progress in the notifications window

Step 8: After Download is completed, you need to go to IGTV Downloader App and tap on Saved Media option where the downloaded videos will be stored

Step 9: Along with viewing the Videos Offline, you get the option to share the videos to others using the Share option

IGTV is a fast increasing application or platform for Video streaming with many Youtube Video makers using this platform alongside of Youtube to share live videos or other videos as well. One thing which is different in IGTV is the Vertical Video format which is good for streaming videos directly from your smartphone, making it much easier for content providers.

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