How to Download Facebook Videos on any Android smartphone

Videos have become a very useful and one of the primary sources of both entertainment, information, education, songs etc to every user with the access to Internet at cheaper rates and with every user owning a smartphone. One of the two major databases for Videos is YouTube and Facebook Videos which stream the most videos at this time. Many times we watch certain videos (music, funny etc) on your Facebook Timeline and wish to save them to watch later or to show it to others at a later time, it will be lost in the timeline when we try to search at a later time, although Facebook has an option to save the video in Facebook to view it later, it does not download the video to your smartphone but just saves it to your Facebook account and to access it later you will require internet connectivity.

How to download and save Facebook Videos in Android smartphone

So if you are someone who want to download and save the video to your Android device and not just save it as a bookmark on Facebook, you can follow the steps mentioned below to save the video to your smartphone and view it as and when required without using your mobile data balance over and over again.

Note: This method requires the use of an App which needs to be downloaded on your phone to download and save the video to your smartphone.

How to Save Facebook Videos on your Android smartphone using App:

I have personally tried many of the Apps available on Play store which help in downloading Facebook videos, some of them were too complicated to use and other were filled with click bait ads etc and have found the MyVideoDownloader for Facebook with less ads and also the most downloads a positive rating.

Go to Google Play Store and Install MyVideoDownloader for Facebook App on your Android device

1 Launch the applications, you will be asked to login using your Facebook logins on the application

2. Now all the videos seen on your Facebook Wall or Timeline will be showed on the feed

3. If you are searching for any specific videos shared by a friend, page or group, you can search the same from the navigation menu

4. On the top right of the screen, you can see a horizontal three lines icon, tap on it and you will seeing the multiple options like My Videos, Friends, Pages, Groups etc. You can tap on anyone of the above to see the videos related that group. For example if you tap on Pages, the videos shared by pages will only be visible and no other videos will be seen.

5. If you tap on Friends, you will be seeing the list of all your friends and you can select any single friend and the videos shared, liked  or uploaded by the user will be seen.

6. Once you see the Video on your timeline which you want to download, tap on it and you will be getting the options – Play, Download, Copy Link and Share. Tap on Download and the Video will be downloaded on your device (If you have an SD card on your device, you will be asked to choose where you want to save the video in) or microSD card.

7. If you want to download any Video in HD format, you can select the option in Settings, Go to settings in the application and you will be seeing under Downloads – HD Download, tap on it to turn the option ON. When this is turned on, the Video will be Downloaded  in the highest resolution available.

8. You can change destination of storage later on as well, the option is available under Downloads. You can find the list of Downloaded videos using this application in the sidebar under “Downloads”.

There are many Apps which are available to download Facebook Videos, on your Android smartphone out which I found this app useful, this is not a paid review or promotion of the App. Just my genuine view to help others who need it. Do let us know if you know any other application which is better than the present application.

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