How to Download Android O stock Wallpaper for any smartphone

Google has officially announced their latest OS, the Android O with a host of new features and improvements from the earlier Android Nougat OS. What we have seen is that there are not many cosmetic changes at the moment which are obvious but there are many changes under-the-hood to improve the performance of the Android Device and to increase the battery life much longer. Not like there are no changes cosmetically, but the major changes are internal.

How to Download Android O Stock Wallpaper

The Aesthetic or cosmetic changes are notification shade tweaks, the settings menu is revamped and the one you are here for – New Stock Wallpaper for Android O. At the moment there is only one new Wallpaper for Android O released with the preview version of the OS and we are expecting more wallpapers to start rolling out once further developers previews are released. We will be updating the latest Stock Android O wallpapers here.

From the Nexus devices to the Pixel’s we can see that Google has an attraction towards Satellite based images and Android O also follows the same pattern of going for satellite based image. This wallpaper shows a shot from space of a mountain range where the horizon is also seen in the distance. This images appears to have been taken from the ISS (International Space Station) from the looks of it.

We have tried the wallpaper on all our smartphones and it looks amazing, specially on AMOLED displays. If you are planning to download the wallpaper for your PC or Laptop, dont do it as the resolution is not apt for the large display and we can see that the image becomes pixelated. Here is the Link for the full size file of the Wallpaper – Android O Stock Wallpaper file. (Credits: Kellex)

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