How to Download and Install Flappy Bird Game – APK

Flappy Bird game the simplistic game just shot to fame out of the blue and the creator of the game who says he just made the game out of boredom and never thought it would become so popular and he is said to have earned $5000 per day because of the game. The game is the most simplest game i have seen in Android Play Store till date and yet it had made such an impact that everyone was posting their scores on social networking site.

The Creator of the Game had stopped the game and it is no longer available in Google Play Store and also not available for apple devices. He was supposedly not happy about the kind of attention he was getting and the criticism which people were doing for copying Mario game type of Pipes. It had also become the Top Free App in January in App Store.

So here we are going to show you How to download and install Flappy bird game on your android device using the apk file: how to download and install flappy bird apk file

Note: this technique needs your phone to be able to accept External Apps Installation

  1. Download this File on your Desktop or Laptop: Download Flappy Bird
  2. Now transfer the File to your  Android device.
  3. Install the Application on your device, make note that if your phone doesn’t accept or allow external apps installation this file cannot be installed on your device.
  4. Install the game and enjoy playing it even after it has been removed from Google Play Store.

The game is surely simple without much graphics or story but the game has all the qualities of attracting the competitive nature of today;s people. The harder the game gets the easier it is for people to score better and boast about it. So the game surrounds around a Bird which is trying to go through a series of Pipes where if you touch any you are out. 

As the game progresses or you progress by going through pipes you will be getting medals after crossing certain number of Pipes or Points. The medals are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Getting to Gold and Platinum are very very difficult.

The File Size is below 1MB but the entertainment factor is just amazing. Do give it a try if you are not its fan yet and if you do not have a Rooted device this game cannot be played on your device. With this tutorial you can easily install Flappy Bird on your Android device and even Play Flappy Bird Offline.


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