How to do factory reset on Android device

Android device factory reset
Android device factory reset

There are various reasons which might force us to perform a factory reset on our Android device. Some of these reasons could be improper installation of any app that could lead your phone to get stuck, any app could not be performing up to its optimum level and slow down your phone, any technician could have asked you to perform the factory unlock and so on. The process of factory reset is fairly easy and does not do harm to your device.

There are some points of caution that we need to make note of before we perform a factory reset. We have to save any information on our device that cannot be synced into the cloud as this would be lost during the reset process. We can save some important files by storing them in the SD card of the phone rather than in the phone memory.  But not all information can be saved in a SD card. So, for this purpose there are many tools that help us back up our data and one such tool is AppMonster app.


How to do factory reset on Android device:

1. First go to the home screen, then press the Menu button and then go to Settings

2. From the list of options select Privacy

3. Now select “Factory data reset”

4. Now select “Reset Phone”

This process is very simple as there are hardly any steps involved. But, it would take a while for it to reboot. After rebooting first it would ask you to log in to the device. Then the apps would automatically re-installed that were deleted once it gets connected to the Android market.

Word of caution: Any apps that were installed using non-google sources would not be installed automatically after connecting to the Android market. Also, any app that is not available on the Android market anymore would not be installed after resetting the Android device.



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