How to do calculations in Facebook messenger with Calcbot

Facebook has introduced Bots which can be used in multiple useful ways giving scope for a whole new set of platforms which can be part of a company as customer service or for doing simple tasks like calculations which we are going to talk about now. Calcbot is a Facebook Messenger Bot which can be used as a Calculator to help do your calculations directly on your Messenger. It helps in doing calculations along with many types of conversions like currency, metrics like weight, height etc.

The Facebook Calculator Bot or Calcbot is also useful to split bills and tips as well, which can be useful while going out for team dinner or dinner with friends etc without leaving the messenger. It is quite useful in doing calculations, conversions, splitting fares and tips etc but do not expect it to do high-end calculations or problem solving which is best left to any dedicated apps or calculator.

How to use Facebook messenger as Calculator

How to use Facebook Messenger as a Calculator to do simple maths, conversions etc:

  • You need to visit the following link to launch the Calcbot in Facebook Messenger – Calcbot Messenger Bot
  • You will get a simple welcome message with some description about the things which it can do
  • Now you need to type in the calculations which you want to do with the calculator
  • For example, you can do simple calculations like converting currency – Type $600 to Rupees and click Enter
  • Now the Bot will show the result

You can do all the calculations in the same manner and although it cannot be used for high-end calculations basic stuff can be done which can sometimes be very useful while chatting with friends etc where calculations are needed without the need to leave the messenger App on your smartphone or your laptop or PC.


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