How to Display battery percentage in Status Bar in OnePlus 6

OnePlus has launched their latest Flagship smartphones, the OnePlus 6 and this has catapulted the company into one of the leading manufacturers in the premium smartphones segment. With the latest OnePlus 6 sporting a Notch which is the latest trend in the smartphone industry for 2018. With the notch, it becomes useful to have the Battery percentage shown in the status bar which is the most practical position.

Earlier all OnePlus smartphones used to come with the option to show battery percentage in the status bar under the option – Status Bar in the Settings, but with OnePlus 6 the option is missing and have seen many OP 6 users confused and asking “How to see or display Battery percentage in Status bar in their OnePlus 6 devices”. Now OnePlus has given this option under Battery style and let us see how you can access this option and turn on Battery Percentage in OP 6.

OnePlus 6

How to Enable Battery Percentage in Status bar in OnePlus 6:

Note: OnePlus has released an update which included this option under Battery Style, so make sure you have updated your OP 6 to the latest update. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Customizations
  • Now select Status Bar
  •  Now select Battery Style
  • You can see four options to select from – Select Battery Percentage

You are done, you will now be seeing the Battery percentage in the Status bar beside the notch in your OnePlus 6 smartphone. In the same way if you want to hide battery or show the battery in the form of a circle or bar, you can select the required options.

One of the reasons why OnePlus has grown so rapidly and to this extent is their Response to users problems and the fact that they listen to their users, when OnePlus 6 was launched many users had mentioned that there was no option to turn on the Battery percentage from Status Bar. OnePlus responded to their queries and sent out an update which included the Battery percentage option under Battery Style.

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