How to Disable / Suspend or Block and Enable Reliance Jio SIM and 4G services

Reliance has turned the telecom industry into a battlefield by providing free calls and free internet and also bringing down the pricing of the paid plans after March 31st forcing other operators to match the plans. It is a win-win situation for the consumers and the likes of Airtel and Vodafone trying to match each plan of Reliance Jio the consumers are enjoying the sudden decrease in data rates and internet consumption has increased drastically across India in the past few months. Reliance has introduced a new feature which is not available in any other telecom providers – option to Disable or Suspend and Resume Jio SIM services directly by the user. There are two options – the earlier one requires you to Email or call the customer care which is a time taking process and the latest feature requires you to just login to your account and Suspend the SIM services in just a couple of minutes.

How to Disable or Block and Resume Reliance Jio SIM card from website

How to Temporarily Disable / Suspend your Reliance Jio Number and Enable it back:

Reliance has introduced this new feature, where you can Disable or Suspend your Jio number temporarily for a certain period of time and can resume using the number later. This feature can be accessed from the official Jio website, we will be showing you the steps to do it.

  • Go to
  • Login using your credentials for the Jio SIM which you want to Suspend
  • Here you can see the option “Suspend and Resume“, click on it
  • Now you will be asked to choose between the two options – SIM Damaged or SIM/Device Lost, you can click on anyone of the two options
  • Once you click on any of the options your SIM will be immediately suspended
  • If you found the SIM card or want to resume the services, you can follow the same steps of logging into your account and you will find the “Resume” option, click on it and your Jio SIM will be activated for your mobile number instantly.

This is a very useful feature which will save a lot of time for users who have either lost their SIM card or want to temporarily disable the Jio SIM card for any personal reasons and with the result being Instant for Disabling and Resuming the services it is a very good feature making Jio user friendly by introducing this feature which is not available by any other operator.

How to permanently Block or Disable Reliance Jio SIM:

Email: You can mail “” by mentioning your SIM number and the problem which you are facing – which can be either you have “lost the SIM”, “Damaged or broken SIM” or that you are leaving this country and do not want to continue with the number.

Phonecall: Reliance Jio SIM card can also be blocked by calling the toll free Reliance Jio helpline number – “18008899999” from any phone and follow the steps to deactivate the number.

Once the SIM or Jio number is blocked you can head to the nearest Reliance Jio center and ask for a new SIM card by taking your Aadhar card and the old SIM if you have it with you.

At the moment this feature is available only through the website and we are expecting it to be introduced into the MyJio Application as well in the near future.


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