How to Disable in-app browser in Facebook app for Android

It has been some days that Facebook has introduced a new feature into its Mobile App for Android users which lets the Facebook app work like a browser as well. Earlier when an external link shared on Facebook when clicked would open in any browser like Chrome, default browser, Opera Mini, Firefox etc which is installed in your device but after a recent update the links are opening in Facebook App browser itself which some might not like because of some of the features which other browsers give us.
How to stop or disable in app browser in facebook android app

I personally like the features in Opera Mini when on mobile data which compresses files which we open and save data and Google Chrome and Firefox which support all formats which might not be supported in the Facebook app browser. If you are someone like me who wants to open the link from Facebook app into your default browser or Google chrome or Firefox then here are some steps to do so.

Steps to Disable or Stop links from opening in Facebook in-app browser:

1. When you are using the Facebook App on your device Tap on the three lines icon on the Right side top of your screen below the contacts icon.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and under Help & Settings you have to tap on the first option which is “App Settings”

3. The fifth option which says “Always open links with external browser” will be turned off in your app. Tap anywhere on the text to turn it ON.

4. Now you can go back to the App and tap on any external link to check if the link is opening in external browser or not. The browser which it will open will be according to the Phone preferences which you might have set as Default browser.

Now you can happily browse all the external links and save the same or bookmark them in your favourite browser and not struggle in the Facebook App browser.

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