How to Disable Face Tag in Samsung Galaxy Series Phones

Face Tag is an Option in most of the Samsung Smart phones and Tablet devices, Face tag is a feature which is helpful sometimes and i feel annoying most of the times where it does not let you see the images peacefully. So if you are facing the same problem with Face tag in Samsung devices like Galaxy S4, S3, S2, S, Grand, Tab 2 etc you can follow these simple steps and get rid of the annoying Face tag option.

Face tag option is seen in the Gallery Series phones and tablet devices after you open an image in Gallery , if Face Tag is ON you will see that  a yellow box will appear around every persons face in the image asking you to tag it as seen in the image below

How to switch on or off Face tag option in samsung phones

Tutorial on How to Disable or Stop Face Tag option in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tabs:

  1. Click on Gallery App
  2. Open any Photo from the Gallery list
  3. Click on the Right Side top of the Screen which will give you a Drop Down Menu
  4. Click on “Face Tag” from the Options seen
  5. You get a pop up box giving you 2 options Face Tag On and Face Tag Off
  6. Click on Face tag Off to switch off Face tag
  7. Now you wont be getting the annoying yellow boxes every time you want to view any photos.

How to switch on of off face tagIf you want to Switch on Face Tag option you need to follow the same steps and click on “On” to get back the Face Tag option.

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