How to Disable Doze Mode for Specific Apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google has introduced a lot of new and useful features in their Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS like the new App Drawer, Notifications, and Quick Settings. new Emoji along with one of its most useful feature, the Doze which lets you extend battery life by quite a margin. This feature as the name suggests – Doze is what exactly happens to your Android device which goes into sleep with nothing waking it up like some notifications in Apps, games etc which are not so important.

For Doze to get activated which turns all the notifications off from irrelevant apps or games but turns your device on or shows the notifications when there are any from important apps or “high-priority” apps which should be given permissions. For the Doze feature to be activated the phone needs to be idle or not disturbed for a set period of time which takes the device automatically into Doze. In Doze you will be receiving calls and messages which are given permission automatically. With Doze there is a considerable increase in battery life and the standby time for any android device. There is a problem when some apps get deactivated or stop showing notifications when in Doze mode.

how to deactivate doze mode in android 6 marshmallow

How to Disable or Deactivate Doze mode for Specific Apps in Marshmallow:

  • From the Home page from either the settings or drop down menu tap on the gear icon to go to Settings
  • Now tap on Battery
  • On the top right tap on the three dot icon which will show a drop down options – Battery saver, Battery optimization and Help & feedback
  • Tap on Battery optimization
  • Here tap on the down arrow button see on top, select the All apps option
  • From the list of apps you can tap on the app which you want to disable doze mode
  • A pop up window will be appearing showing “Optimize” and “Don’t Optimize”. You need to tap on “Don’t Optimize” and tap on Done
  • This will now set the specific App to show notifications even when the device is in Doze mode.
  • When you want to revert the App into Doze mode you can follow the same steps and instead of Don’t Optimize tap on Optimize in the last step.

By deactivating Doze for a specific app you will be getting notifications for the specific App, in case you do not want WhatsApp to be in sleep while the device is in doze mode.

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