How to Disable or Avoid Blue tick marks in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has recently released an update which is a minor update but is bringing on a lot of response from users which is the Blue tick marks beside messages, there were tick marks which meant for Audio files but was not noticed by anyone but when the same has been implemented for messages as well there is a huge response. So for users who are not liking or want to get rid of these blue tick marks or don’t want to allow the other contact to see the blue tick marks there are some simple steps which will do the trick for you.

If you can manage for sometime then you can wait for the next update of WhatsApp as the Blue Check or tick marks is going to be optional in the future update. Follow the below steps if you want to avoid or Disable Blue Check or tick marks in your WhatsApp messages.

How to Avoid or Disable Blue tick marks in WhatsApp Messages

Do Not update WhatsApp in Google Play store or App Store:

If you are not getting the Blue tick marks in your WhatsApp in your iPhone or Android device then you might not have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp and avoid doing it for the time being and your other friends cannot see the Blue Tick marks beside your message when you have read it.

Use WhatsApp Substitutes:

This is another thing which can be done which does not mean that you will be deserting WhatsApp but you will be using other messaging apps which act as a common source for WhatsApp and other such messaging apps and put all the messages together to make it easy for you. If you have any such application installed you can use it or you can download some applications like Snowball from Play store and use it, if you read any message from a contact in WhatsApp you won’t be showing the Blue tick marks as WhatsApp doesn’t consider the message read until it is opened in its own Application.

Use WhatApp Widgets on your Home Screen:

This is another simple trick which can be done without the use of any other application, all you have to do is Add a WhatsApp widget on your smartphone home screen or any screen this can be done by Long Pressing anywhere on your Screen -> Widget Manager options will appear from there select the WhatsApp widget which you want to place -> Drag it onto your desired Page -> Adjust the size of the widget according to your linking. This will work only when you read the messages by scrolling in the widget and not by tapping on it to open the App, so be careful and just read the messages which will work even if there are multiple messages from a single contact. You can even get the widget on your lock screen by following the next step.

Use WhatsApp Widget on your Lock Screen as Notifications:

There are many Notification apps which will let you see your notifications on lock screen, you can find many such apps in Play Store. With these apps you can see your WhatsApp messages, Mail etc on your lock screen. You can read the messages without even unlocking your Phone which is possible only when there are single line messages which will be displayed but if there are long messages it will be displayed as message from your contact. And opening it will break your incognito mode and the user can see the blue tick marks.

Good old Airplane mode trick:

This trick never fails us when all else fails, all you have to do is after the message is received on your device turn on Airplane Mode. To turn on Airplane Mode all you have to do is Long press on Power button in your Android phone and you will get options in a pop up box from which the Turn Airplane mode should be selected. Now you should open your WhatsApp and read the message. But this trick has a problem which is that when you turn off your Airplane mode then your contact or friend will get the Blue Tick marks depicting that you have read your message, so you have to put your phone in Airplane mode until you want to hide the tick marks which is quite a dumb idea if you ask me but if you want to turn off the tick marks for a little time then you can use this trick.

If you are not finding any of these tricks useful then wait for a future update by Whatsapp which will make this feature optional or if your device is getting Android Lollipop update then there will be some other tricks with the Notification options which can be useful.


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