How to delete downloaded stickers in Facebook messenger in iPhone

With the number of Messaging apps increasing the competition is getting tougher and each contender is introducing new features to keep their existing users and to attract new users. One such feature is Stickers which are quite interesting to keep the conversation fun be it with friends, relatives or in any groups. There are a huge number of stickers in messaging apps and it is the same with Facebook messenger in your iPhone or iPad.

Stickers are a great way to show how you feel, animated, funny and keep’s the conversation exciting. We keep on downloading numerous stickers which attract us and in little time we have a huge collection of stickers downloaded in our messenger which becomes confusing. So if you are one of those who are stuck with a huge list of stickers downloaded in your Facebook messenger for iPhone or iPad and have no clue how to delete them, follow this tutorial to delete the stickers.

How to delete stickers in facebook messenger in iPhone

How to Remove or Delete Downloaded Stickers in Facebook messenger for iPhone or iPad:

  • In your iPhone or iPad launch the Facebook Messenger App
  • Tap on any Chat from the list
  • Now tap on the Smiley icon located in the horizontal bar above the keyboard
  • Now all the stickers which you have downloaded will be shown, on the right side corner of the App you will see a ‘+’ icon, tap on it
  • You will be taken to the Sticker Store where you can see Features, All and Your Stickers tabs on top
  • Tap on Your Stickers and you will be seeing all the stickers which you have downloaded in the past
  • Beside each sticker, you will be seen a “Red button” tap on the red button to Delete the sticker which you do not want
  • After deleting the stickers which are not needed tap on Done to Save it

With many stickers, you also increase the space occupied by the app in your device which in turn affects the performance of the device. So it is better to keep the stickers which you use regularly and delete the ones which are not used. Hope the tutorial was useful to help in deleting the unwanted Stickers stored on your iPhone Facebook messenger.

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