How to Copy-Paste Text from iPhone to your PC or Laptop

This is a problem which i faced many times, when i am scrolling through the internet in my iPhone and suddenly find a link or coupon code which i want to have in my Desktop or Laptop. What i used to do was, either note it down in a piece of paper to refer to it later or look at the iPhone and write down in my laptop or PC.

This was before i came across these 2 tricks which made life easy and with this you can easily copy-paste text from iPhone directly into Laptop or PC and be cool and use the text when you use your Laptop or PC.

With these tricks you can easily copy small codes, one line texts, small phrases or Long poems. to be frank i earlier used the Gmail feature which allows us to send mails to our own i.d.

  1. You can send what you write from your PC to your iPhone
  2. You can send what you write on your iPhone to PC/Laptop

The 2 tricks which will let you copy-paste text from iPhone to Laptop/PC:

  1. Drop
  2. Reminders and iCloud

Reminders and iCloud:

Reminders and iCloud is the most simple way to copy and paste text from iPhone to PC or PC to iPhone. All you have to do is make sure iCloud and Reminders are synced together and you have an Internet connection on. icloud and Reminders copy paste text from iphone to pc

  1. Launch Reminder App in your iPhone, login to your iCloud Account
  2. Make sure Reminders is synced in iCloud. (Go to Settings → iCloud → and switch ON the toggle for Reminders)
  3. Copy the Text which you would like to use in your Laptop or PC
  4. Paste the Text into the Reminder App in your iPhone
  5. Now open the browser in your Laptop/PC and go to (
  6. Login to your iCloud Account and you can easily find all the text


This is a very effective App for iPhone which lets you send text from iphone to PC/laptop and iPhone to laptop/pc. The UI is very user friendly and there are just 2 simple steps to use Drop which makes it useful even if you are a noob regarding PC/Laptop. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. drop app to copy text from iPhone to pc or laptop

  • Install and Launch Drop in your iPhone, which will give you are IP address.
  • Type this address in your PC’s browser.
  • Copy paste anything anywhere and you can see it immediately in your PC/Laptop.

With Drop you can even send images along with any text messages, url or poems and share it in your PC/Laptop. The only backdrop of this is it costs $1.99. But if you constantly keep copying stuff in your phone to PC/Laptop this is a must have for you.

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