How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data in Xiaomi, POCO, Redmi devices running MIUI 11 or later

Most of the Errors which are faced in Android devices are mostly due to Google Play Store Cache or Data being either corrupt or incompatible with the latest OS version or Apps. So fix most Android Errors we ask users to try to clear cache of Google Play Store App which mostly fixes the Error and prevents it from coming back. It also helps in removing some unwanted data and freeing up space in your smartphone and it helps in speeding up Play store if you feel it to be lagging or running slow. In Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices running MIUI 11, 12 or later the process of clearing Cache or Data is pretty straight forward.

Clearing Cache will not delete any of your Apps or App data, accounts, etc. But Clearing Data will remove all your accounts, apps data, etc. So make sure that you are certain before Clearing Data of Google Play Store before going ahead with it. Cache is nothing but background data which is stored in your device memory to help loading the app faster when you open it again and do the same work, this prevents the app from downloading the same data again and it just loads it up from your device memory. But the problem arises when the Cache file size increases and tends to slow down your device, which is evident when you are trying to update and app or downloading a new one.

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data in device running MIUI 11 or 12:

Open your Xiaomi, Redmi, Mi or POCO device running MIUI

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Now scroll down and tap on Apps
  3. In the Search bar, type – “Google Play Store” and tap on it
  4. Now tap on “Storage” and then tap on Clear Data option at the bottom of the page.
  5. This will show pop up window giving you two options – Clear Cache and Clear Data
  6. Tap on Clear Cache and then OK and you are done.
  7. Tap on Clear Data and you will be given a warning that all your Data will be lost and whether you are fine with it, press OK only if you know what you are doing.

The same process can be used to Clear Cache or Data from any App on your device by following the same process, but in Step n.o 3 enter the App name instead of Google Play Store. Clearing Cache is an Efficient way to clear Data

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