How to clean up and make Android device faster without any App

Android is now the leading Mobile OS in the world thanks to the success of Samsung and the many number of companies using this open platform as their OS. With the Increased number of users there is a huge increase in the number of Apps which in turn will fill the memory in your Android device and which in turn will decrease the speed of your device, how ever powerful the processor or the memory might be.

Many Android Smartphones have the common complaint of Less Battery life and lag in their device which is mainly due to the number of apps stored in Internal Memory which will put pressure on RAM and also due to the apps running in the background which will keep using up the battery and also overload the RAM.

There are thousands of Apps which are made for cleaning up your Device to make it run faster by either closing the apps running in the background or clearing the cache but you must know that the app too takes up space and RAM in your device. So android in its updates from the 4.0 has included a inbuilt Cleanup feature which does not require any app, and here we are going to show how to make use of this feature which can be completed in some steps.

  1.  Go to Settings > Storage here you can see the details about Internal and external storage of your device, the amount of Storage, Storage which is  available and amount of storage taken up by Apps.
  2. In the Internal Storage section at the end there is a “Make more Space” which is pretty obvious and you have to click on this.
  3. After Clicking on Make more Space you will be taken to the Cleanup Wizard page, we are going to Clear App Cache, delete unused Apps and shift Apps which are on Internal Storage onto External Memory.
  4. First step is to select the Options “Only Rarely used Apps” and “All Applications” the first option will deleted the rarely used apps automatically and the second one will transfer all the applications present on Internal Storage to External storage. how to clear app and other cache from android device
  5. If you do not want to transfer all the apps you can leave it unchecked and in the next step you will be asked to check manually each app which you would like to transfer.  How to move Apps to External storage in Android
  6. After the transfer has finished you will be asked if Messages and Emails stored in Internal storage should be deleted, if you do not have any important stuff you can go ahead or else just leave it alone as messages and Emails do not occupy much space on the memory and do not affect RAM.
  7. Along with Emails it will also ask you to delete any Skins or Wallpapers which i don’t think will be necessary unless you have some unused Skins lying in your device memory. how to make android device faster
  8. Click on Finish and that is it, you have successfully transferred apps, deleted and cleared Cache from your android device.


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