How to Clean or Disinfect Smartphone surface effectively from Bacteria and Virus

Being a Dentist, I have been regularly cleaning or disinfecting the surfaces of my smartphone after every shift at the clinic as we are exposed to patients and the bacteria and Viral Aerosols come in contact with the smartphone surface. When we carry the smartphone back to our houses and this can lead to the transfer of the microorganisms to our houses. With the COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to make sure that the surface of your smartphone is properly sanitized to prevent any transfer of virus, bacteria or spores from the surface to a person which is seen in this virus. COVID-19 is said to survive on surfaces for a period of time and lead to the transfer of infection from person to person.

So I guess I will be the right person to tell you how to sanitize your smartphone surface – display, back panel, and camera module without damaging your smartphone. This will help in removing any dust and pathogens like bacteria, viruses, spores, etc from your phone. Various smartphones are coming with different materials to build their smartphones like plastic, polycarbonate, stainless steel, glass, metal, etc so you have to make sure that you do not damage the materials thus voiding the warranty.

How to Disinfect or Clean your Smartphone:

Items required for cleaning: Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (70%), Disinfectant Wipes (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) the ones which you get in Tempered glass pack, Distilled Water, Regular Water, Microfibre cloth, Regular Soft cloth, and Cotton swabs.

Steps to Sanitize Mobile Phone Display and Back:

Note: Make sure whether your smartphone is Water Resistant (IP67 rating) or not

Step 1: Remove the Case of your smartphone and clean it first with mild soap (liquid if available), apply the soap on the surface of the case both inside and back and rinse to get foam and wash off with water and let it dry.

Step 2: Cleaning the Back Panel of the smartphone

For Water-Resistant Phones take a regular cloth and wet the cloth lightly, use liquid soap and rub it gently on the back panel along with the sides. Avoid ports like charging port, microphone, headphone jack, etc. Now take the wet cloth without soap to clean the soap off the surface of the phone, in case of IP68 water-resistant phones you can wash it under running water (Make sure that your phone is IP 68 water-resistant).

Note: Do not use isopropyl alcohol on the glass back panels as they contain oleophobic coating which can be damaged by the alcohol.

For Non-water-resistant phones, you need to take a microfibre cloth and apply a little isopropyl alcohol on it. Now rub the cloth on the back panel along with sides of the device making sure that the alcohol does not enter the ports. That is it you are done, as the isopropyl alcohol dries automatically you can simply rub the surface with a dry cloth once.

Step 3: Cleaning the Front or Display of your Smartphone

You need to use either disinfectant wipes or you can make a disinfectant solution by using – one part isopropyl alcohol + two parts distilled water.

You can directly take the wipes and clean the surface of the display by applying little pressure or you can dip a soft cloth in the prepared disinfectant solution and cleaning the surface of the display.

Take a normal cloth and clean the surface once to remove any remnants of the disinfectant solution on the surface of the display.

These are the simple steps that need to be followed to clean the surface of your smartphone, both back, and front along with case covering the smartphone in this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As a Dentist, we have to clean our smartphones daily at the end of the day and it is advisable for everyone who is traveling outside during these testing times should clean their smartphones after reaching homes to make sure that the microorganisms are kept away from your home family.

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