How to See your Uber Rating on Your Android or iOS smartphone

Cab hiring has become very easy in India with the introduction of Apps like Uber which have made it booking a cab very easy with just a few clicks. One thing which helps users to know if the Cab driver is a good one or a bad one is by the Ratings of the Cab driver which show up when you book a cab, did you know that there are Ratings for the user as well which the Cab drivers give after each ride?.

How to see your Uber Rating on Android or iOS smartphone

Are you thinking, why this is important to me?, as you can see the arriving drivers rating on your screen, the driver can see your rating on his screen. In the U.S the driver has the option to cancel the ride if you are having a bad rating which is also available here and will not be good to see you own rating, how the driver has rated you for all the rides you have taken?

How to see or check your Rating in Uber on your Smartphone:

  • Launch the Uber application on your smartphone
  • Make sure you are logged in to your account
  • Tap on the Three lines icon on the top left of the screen
  • From the options, tap on Help
  • Now tap on Account and Payment Options -> Changing my Account Settings > I’d like to know my rating
  • You will be getting your rating at the bottom of the screen, mine was a decent 4.7 as seen in the image, you can also check your rating in the same manner.

These ratings are an average of all the ratings given on all your rides taken on Uber from your account. It is important that we are riders give the same respect to the drivers which we expect from them and having a good rating is important as they can cancel the ride due to your poor rating on Uber.   

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