How to check Train Location in Google Maps/RailRadar – Indian Railways Enquiry

Indian railways in collaboration with Google maps has launched a website – RailRadar. Which is a great initiative allowing users to view the route of any train and even the current location of your train.

How to find your train location in RailRadar-Indian Railways train inquiry:

  1. Go to  – RailRadar
  2. On the left hand side you can see 3 vertical tabs – “Search”, “Information” and “Legend”
  3. Click on Search. 
  4. This will lead to a search box giving you 2 options to choose from –
  5. Trains – Enter the name or number of the train and the website loads and shows you the current location of the train specified in the search.  If you click on the particular train map, the entire route of the train will be shown on the map and the current location and even the current delay in time, as seen in the image above.
  6.  Station – You need to enter the Station Name or Code which will give you the location of the station and will show the currently in bound and out bound trains from the particular station. 
This is a very good initiative which allows you to see the current location of your train from your laptop/desktop or even from your Smart phone as this site is Mobile friendly and you can easily know the location of your train exactly on the way to railway station or know whether the train is late. As it even Shows you which Trains are On time and which trains are Delayed.


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