How to check Storage Memory and Uninstall Apps on Windows 8 Phones

With Smartphones the main problem these days is lack of space be it 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB users are not able to have manage space effectively be it a person who love Photography with increasing Camera specifications the size of each photo is also increasing, Gamers with their huge sized games and more space is occupied in case of Xbox Live Tiles, Video Recordings also take up a lot of Space.

It is very important to keep checking the Storage space of your Device as it affects the Speed of the device as well and delete any unnecessary data to free space from internal storage for apps, music, videos and other files.

So firstly let me show you how to Check Storage Memory of your Windows 8 Device:

Before deleting stuff first checking the amount of Storage being consumed for various purposes is important to get an idea to delete which files first.

  1. Click on Settings on your Home page
  2. Go to Phone Storage
  3. Now you can see two options Phone and Storage Card, by clicking on Phone you will get a detailed view of the storage space divided based on usage.
  4. In Phone you can see where the memory is being used up more and clear accordingly.

How to check Storage space in windows 8 smartphones

For Ex if more memory is being used up in Photos and Videos you can clear them by uploading them into cloud storage etc and if more memory is being used up in Apps some unwanted Apps can be deleted.  But remember to First Back up your Stuff so that you do not repent after deleting.

You can Also use Storage Check App to get a detailed view of the Storage Space availability and division in your Phone memory.  How to check Storage for windows 8 with storage check app

Now that you have a clear idea of where more data is being held up, let me show you the various ways in which you can clear the Data in your device.

How to Uninstall an Application in Windows 8 Smartphones:

  1. To uninstall and App go to the Application list by Flicking the Start Screen to the Left
  2. Then Tap and Hold on the Application you want to delete
  3. In the Pop up Box click on Uninstall 
  4. Then tap on Yes for Conformation

How to Uninstall a Game in Windows 8 Smartphones:

  1. To uninstall a Game go to Start Menu
  2. And follow the same procedure used to delete Applications

These were the tutorials for deleting or uninstalling applications and Games from your Windows 8 device, in the next post we will be showing you the various ways in which we can delete Photos and Videos from Windows 8 device.


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