How to check Sites linking to your Website

How to check Baklinks of your Website

To have a good Ranking Website you need to have good number of Back Links which are the Incoming links. The more the number of Back links to your website the better is the search engine rankings and Page Rank.

So many SEO experts and tutorials tell you that having good number and Quality Back links helps your website get good search engine results and Page Rank as well. How to get back links is a whole different story but here i am going to show you how to check Back links or the Site Linking into your Website.

How to Check Sites Linking to your Websites Easily using Google Analytics:

You do not require any special software or extensive steps to check for Backlinks but just google Analytics account linked to your Website.

Login into your Google Analytics account

In the Left hand side options section Click on Traffic Sources -> Social -> Trackbacks

In the Trackbacks section we can see 2 Lists of Links, the links on the

  1. Left side are the External Sites that are Linked to your Website
  2. Right side links are List of Pages on your Sites that the External Sites are Linking to


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