How to Check live Train PNR Status on WhatsApp – Indian Railways

Indian Railways has partnered with MakeMyTrip to provide passengers Live train status update on WhatsApp. With WhatsApp being the most popular Instant messaging platform having millions of users in India, it is a very unique and a very useful option to get Live Train status. With this feature, Passengers can get updates like – train live status, train timings, booking status, platform number, cancellation etc. All these can be achieved by just sending a request through WhatsApp.

Let us look at the steps which should be taken to let you use this feature for your or your friends or family members future travel.

How to get Live Train PNR Status in WhatsApp:

In your Smartphone – iOS or Android, launch Phone dialer app

Now type in the number – 7349389104 (MakeMyTrip) and save it as a contact

Now launch WhatsApp on your smartphone and search for the MakeMyTrip saved contact

how to check live train pnr status in WhatsApp using makemytrip

All you have to do is, send the Train number to the contact and you will be instantly getting the details about the train.

Train name, train status, Expected departure, also shows if the train is late etc.

It is a very simple yet useful feature provided by Indian Railways in tie up with MakeMyTrip which helps passengers from wasting time on the Indian Railways IVR 139 which never tends to get connected. The response from this method was just 5-10 seconds.

Indian Railways is currently in a transition stage where it is being molded to blend into the current modern and sophisticated society with all these latest features and options being included by the Railways ministry. You can also check the Live Train Status from Indian Railways official website – Here all you need to do is, enter the Train number and then enter the Journey Station and you will be getting all the details like train name, scheduled arrival, Expected departure, Delay in Arrival, platform number etc. You also get the option to view the live train status on map.

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