How to Check If Android device is Certified or Uncertified by Google

Android Operating system is an open source platform but Google to make sure that the customers using their Android device are safe from any malicious software and make sure that the customers get the best user experience. Google wants companies to follow certain guidelines which help in protecting Android devices. To make sure that devices are safe for use.

Google has created a List of requirements and guidelines that every Android smartphone manufacturer must stick to, which is called the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and by following these the device must pass the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). Once the device passes this Suite pre-installed Google apps like Google Play Store and services can be installed on their devices. If the device fails to meet the criteria and fails CTS there will be an Error which prevents users from gaining access to Google Play Store and other Google Apps in their Android smartphone. There will be an Error – “Device is not certified by Google”.

How to fix device is not certified by Google Error

How to Check if your Android smartphone is Uncertified?

Step 1: Launch Google Play Store in your Android smartphone

Step 2: Tap on the Three bar icon on the top left corner or swipe from the left to open the Sidebar Menu

Step 3: Now tap on Settings from the list

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the list and under the “About” section you can see “Device Certification” under which you can check whether it is “Certified or Uncertified“.

Official Google List of Certified devices:

Google has made a list of smartphones running on Android which are certified  by Google in the form of a PDF file. You can access the file by visiting this link – Google Certified Smartphones List.

Visit the website and Click on View as PDf option to open the PDF File

Now you can follow the steps mentioned in the post to search if your device is listed –

  • Windows or Chrome OS: Ctrl + F
  • Mac: Command + F
  • Mobile device: Menu -> Find on page, or use the search icon. This may vary depending on which app you use to look at the list.

The phones are listed in Alphabetical order A to Z

Now that you have checked that whether your device is certified or not, you can get Certification for your Android smartphone if it is listed as “Uncertified“. You can follow the steps mentioned in this post – “How to Fix Your Device is not Certified Error“. Usually, the devices from companies like Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Nokia Huawei, Honore etc come with Certification as they charge extra for the Certification and make it sure that the CTS is met.

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