How to check Airtel Postpaid Balance, Bill, Outstanding amount and activate DND

Postpaid users always have a hard time in checking the information regarding their usage and the number of minutes or Data left in their Airtel Prepaid connection. It is quite easy to check prepaid main balance and data balance in your Airtel connection, while in a postpaid connection you do not have balance but have to check what is called outstanding unbilled balance. Postpaid connection works on the concept of use first and pay later which allows us to make calls and use data without needing to pay any amount upfront. But you need to choose a pre set offer or package or plan which you need to pay at the end of the month. In a postpaid connection you even get the option to make calls even if the pre set plan is crossed.

One of the easier ways to check the number of minutes and data left in your postpaid plan is by downloading the My Airtel App for Android or iOS which lets you check the Calls and Data balance. We will also be sharing How to activate Do Not Disturb in Airtel Postpaid connection.


How to check Airtel Postpaid Data and Call balance using My Airtel App:

  • Launch the MyAirtel App – Android and iOS (Click on your OS to install the App on your device)
  • Now tap on the My accounts tab under Home
  • You will be seeing various tabs showing multiple options
  • Tap on the first tap – “My Account”
  • This will give you the details about the number of minutes left in your account – Voice STD quota, Voice Local quota, Internet quota etc depending on your postpaid plan
  • You can also see the unbilled amount and your credit limit

Note: You can mail the postpaid bill to your email i.d through the mobile Application

In case you do not want to install the My Airtel App on your device you can check through Airtels official website ot use the following codes to check the various options in your Airtel Postpaid account like Unbilled amount, Outstanding amount, Payment details etc.

Check Airtel Pospaid Bill online through Website:

You can check your Airtel Postpaid mobile bill online through their official website –

  • Open – either on your mobile or laptop
  • Now you need to enter your Mobile number or Service I.d and Password (if already registered) or OTP which you get on your mobile to login
  • After you Login you can view the pending bills and along with that  – Current Internet data left, Mobile minutes etc.

How to check Airtel Postpaid Calls, Data and Plan details using Codes:

  • Code for Unbilled amount – SMS UNB to 121
  • Code for Outstanding Amount – SMS OT to 121
  • Code for Last 3 payment details – SMS PAY to 121
  • Code for Bill Summary – SMS BILL to 121
  • Code for Start a service – SMS START to 121
  • Code for Stop a Service – SMS STOP to 121
  • Code for Service Request Status – SMS SR to 121
  • Code for Current Bill Plan – SMS BP to 121
  • Code for New Bill Plans – SMS NBP to 121
  • Code for Duplicate bill of any of the last three months – SMS Dup Bill <month> to 121
  • Code for One time e mail bill – SMS EBILL <E mail ID><month> to 121
  • Code for E-mail bill subscription – SMS STOP PAPER <E mail ID. to 121

What are the DND or Do Not Disturb codes for Airtel Postpaid connection:

  • Code to activate DND – SMS “Start 0” to 1909
  • Code for Preference-based (allow SMS only for selected preference category) – SMS “Start <preference category>” to 1909
  • Category codes – Code 1 for Banking / Insurance / Financial products / Credit cards. Code 2 for Real Estate. Code 3 for Education. Code 4 for Health. Code 5 for Consumer goods and Automobiles. Code 6 for Airtel communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT and Code 7 for Tourism and Leisure.

These are the various codes to check the various details in Airtel Postpaid connection. Although My Airtel is a great option to check all the details without much problem.


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