How to charge your Smartphone even when Laptop lid is closed(Sleep mode)

We might probably be running out of power on our smartphone twice everyday and with no plug or power bank in sight to charge you smartphone we can use a USB cable connected to the laptop to get our smartphone charged. The charging is very low from a USB device compared to the normal power socket, but it still charges your smartphone (something is better than nothing). At the same time, when we close the lid of the laptop (sleep mode), the Windows laptop usually goes into sleep mode and the charging will also get stopped. In such cases, if we keep the laptop lid open, we drain out of battery on laptop as well.

So if you can charge your smartphone even with the laptop lid closed will be a win-win situation as the battery of the laptop will be saved and at the same time, your phone will be charged.

How to charge smartphone with Laptop lid closed

How to charge your Smartphone when the laptop lid is closed:

All you need to do is to open the Device manager in Windows. For Windows 10, just give a right click on the Start menu and now select Device manager. For other versions of Windows, you can find the device manager in the Control panel.

Once when you are in device manager, navigate to the Universal Serial Bus Controller section. Expand that option and now you can see the list of all the USB ports. If you want to enable charging on any particular port, right click on that port and now select ‘properties‘.

Under Properties tab for USB root hub, select the Power Management tab.

You need to uncheck the option ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power‘. Click OK and close the window. Now you can charge your Smartphone using USB Cable even when the laptop lid is closed (Sleep mode).

If you want to enable charging on all the USB ports, you have to do the same steps one by one to all the ports.

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