How to change Zoom background in Mobile, PC, and Mac

Zoom has zoomed into everyone’s lives thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many professionals to start Working from Home, to make Video meetings more exciting did you know that you can change your Zoom background. You can change your background to anything you wish, like a beach, party scene or any virtual background without the need for a Green screen. Zoom is being used by millions of users, recently there have been many allegations regarding the safety of Zoom due to security and privacy issues. So it is up to you whether to use Zoom or not, one good alternative is Skype which has been in business for quite some time now.

One advantage of having a virtual background is that you can hide the background of your room, as you are at home and if you have little kids it makes it a good option to use a virtual background to hide any background movements which you cannot avoid at home.

How to change your Zoom Background in PC or Mac App:

  • Open the Zoom App in your Windows or Mac
  • Sign in using your logins
  • Click on your profile picture and then click on Settings
  • Click on the Virtual Background tab in the left menu bar
  • Here you can select from the list of Backgrounds available in Zoom or you can upload your own background.
  • To upload your own background you need to click on the Plus icon above the default backgrounds.

You need to select Mirror my video option and if you have a Green screen you can also select the I have a green screen option

How to change Zoom background on Android or iOS App:

  • Launch Zoom App on your Android or iOS device
  • Now sign in to your account and join a meeting
  • Tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom right corner to open the More menu option
  • Now tap on the Virtual Background option from the menu list
  • You can now choose from the default backgrounds or upload your own

There are many sites which are having free Zoom backgrounds to download, famous brands like Marvel, Fox, and Netflix are also sharing backgrounds of their shows or movies indirectly promoting their content. You can download Zoom backgrounds from sites like Canva, Shutterstock, Modsy, Unsplash, etc to name a few to download the best zoom virtual backgrounds.

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