How to change your Name in PUBG Mobile – Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile, one of the most played games right now by Tencent games is addictive and everyone of us is stuck to it. If you are one of them and have saved a Name earlier which you do not like now and want to change it but cannot find the option to do so in the Settings, you are not alone as we have received a lot of queries asking how to change my name in PUBG Mobile, and there is no direct wat to do it from your profile.

So let us show you a way to change your name in PUBG mobile game on your Android or iOS devices.

How to change PUBG Mobile graphic settings

Steps to Change name in PUBG Mobile:

Step 1: Launch PUBG mobile game on your Android or iOS device

Step 2: Now tap on the Inventory option located in the bottom middle of the screen

Step 3: Now tap on Crates/Box section, which is the last or 5th option in the sidebar (right)

Step 4: Here you will be seeing a card – Rename Card which will be seen having ID (Green color card) on it

Note: In case you cannot find it in Inventory, tap on Missions -> then go to Progress Missions -> tap on Collect your level rewards. You will get the ID name card in one of them.

Step 5: Tap on it and a pop-up window will appear to the left of the screen, tap on “USE

Step 6: Now you will be getting an option – Change Nickname and a box to enter your new nickname, tap on it and Enter your new Nickname and Tap on “OK

Note: You can use this card once and can change your name only Once per day. So think well before changing your name as you cannot do it for the day.

So to change your name you need a Name card which can be obtained as we progress through our missions. Wonder why Tencent games has not made it direct as in other games.

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