How to Change WhatsApp Calling Ringtone in Android devices

WhatsApp calling has made a huge difference in the telecom industry which has made the network providers worried. The new features in WhatsApp the VoIP calling is being used profusely by many users be it young or old as this is saving them a lot of money in the form of calling balance. This feature was available in Viber first but because of the user base of WhatsApp is more compared to Viber this has made a huge difference. As many users have been using this feature it has partly taken over as a calling app for Android devices.

Having a normal Notification ringtone on receiving a WhatsApp call has become boring listening to it. So I was looking if the Ringtone can be changed and yes there was this feature in the WhatsApp settings itself. So here I am listing out the steps by which you can easily change your WhatsApp calling Ringtone in your Android device.

Steps to Change Ringtone of WhatsApp Call:

1) Tap on the WhatsApp icon and launch it in your device

2) On the right side top of your screen tap on the three dot icon and from the drop down menu tap on Settings to open the settings page

3) Now from the list tap on Notifications

4) On the new page you have to scroll down a little and under the Call Notifications option

5) Find the Ringtone option and tap on it and a Window will open

How to change whatsapp call notification ringtone

6) Here you can select your desired Ringtone and set it up as your WhatsApp call notification ringtone.

7) In some devices you can select only from the default set of ringtones and in some devices you can even set songs or mp3 files as ringtones.

When you have the option of changing your ringtone why not do it instead of listening to the same old notification tone over and over again. In my Samsung Galaxy K Zoom there was no option to select or set an mp3 file as a ringtone for whatsapp call and in my friends cells it was possible to do it, so we cannot know exactly which devices will be having this option and which devices will not. Hope this was useful to you, it is a simple tip but most of us might have never thought of it or knew it could be changed.

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