How to change Whatsapp background wallpaper for chat window in iPhone, Windows and Android

WhatsApp is the primary mode of communication these days between young and old people alike with many types of groups and chat being available with the option of sharing photos, videos.. etc with everyone is making it the largest chatting platform in the world. So to make your chatting experience more personalized you have the option to change background wallpapers of your chat window where you can place your personalized image and make a custom looking device. We will be showing you how you can set or change wallpaper for your whatsapp chat in Android Apple iPhone and Windows smartphones.

How to change wallpaper in Whatsapp chat window for Android devices: 

  • Open or Launch Whatsapp in your android device
  • On the right side top of the screen you will find a three dotted icon tap on it to open a drop down box.
  • Tap on Settings from the list of options
  • In the window that opens you have to tap on the Chat Options to open the page
  • You can find the Wallpapers options and a new pop up box will appear with various options to choose your photo to be set as wallpaper like Gallery, Files, Dropbox and Whatsapp images.
  • Open the required one and choose an image to set it as wallpaper for your chat to set or change whats app chat wallpaper

How to change wallpaper in Whatsapp chat window for Windows devices:

  • Open or Launch Whatsapp in your windows device
  • Now bring up the bar at the bottom of the screen by swiping the bar from the bottom of the screen upwards.
  • From the options available tap on Settings
  • Now from the options tap on Chat options
  • Now tap on the Back up default option
  • Now a pop up windows appears with many options to help choose your wallpaper from like Gallery, Whatsapp images, take a picture, search from web etc.
  • Choose any image and set it as wallpaper and all your chat windows will now have this image as the background and not the boring plain background.

How to change wallpaper in Whatsapp chat window in Apple iPhone: 

  •  Launch or Open Whatsapp in your Apple iPhone
  • Now tap on the Settings icon seen at the bottom right side of the application screen
  • Then tap on the Chat Settings
  • Then tap on Chat Wallpaper and you will find three options – Wallpaper Library, Photo Library and Reset Wallpaper
  • Tap on Wallpaper Library where you can find pre-set wallpapers to choose from and by tapping on Photo Library you can select from your gallery.
  • To reset or remove wallpaper in whatsapp chat on your iphone you have tap on the Reset Wallpaper and the wallpaper will be removed.

So you can now change wallpaper and have a custom chat window to make your chatting experience more personalized and more comfortable to you.


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