How to change trackpad scroll direction in Apple Mac – Mac OS

With Windows having the major share of PC or Laptop OS most of the Mac users have been migrated from Windows PC and apart from the major changes in the OS one of the most important and most used difference is the scrolling direction of the Trackpad in Mac OS which is opposite to that of Windows. In any Windows running laptop the Mouse scrolling works in a normal fashion where to scroll down in a page you need to run your finger from up to down on the track pad which is what we are all used to.

But in any Apple Laptop be it the MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro  running on Mac OS X Lion or others the trackpad is set to be handled in the reverse direction. This is one of the many minor differences which are seen between a Windows OS and a Apple OS and here we are going to show you how the trackpad scroll direction can be changed as needed.

How to change scrollpad direction in apple Laptop trackpad

Steps to change trackpad scroll direction in Apple Laptops:

  • Click on the Apple logo on the left side top of the screen
  • Now from the drop down menu click on System Preferences
  • From the options click on the Trackpad option under Hardware
  • Here you have three option Point & Click, Scroll & Zoom (Click on this)
  • Under the options – uncheck the Scroll direction: natural setting and this will make sure that the Mouse trackpad will fix the reverse trackpad response.

Steps to change Mouse scroll direction in Apple Laptops:

While using a mouse in your Apple Macbook the scrolling is similarly set in reverse which can get on your nerve, especially if you are coming from a Windows laptop.

  • Click on the Apple Logo on the top left of the display, now click on System Preferences
  • Click on Keyboard and Mouse under Hardware option
  • Now Click on the Mouse menu
  • Uncheck the “Move content in the direction of finger movement while scrolling or navigation” option

Now you are good to go with the navigation becoming normal or similar to that in Windows. This is one of the solutions to the many problems which many new Apple users face. Do let us know in the comments section if there are any other problems which are getting you worried.

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