How to change or Set Default Launcher in Xiaomi devices having MIUI ROM

Xiaomi has come out with some amazing devices like the Redmi 1s, Redmi Not, Mi3 and Mi4 which are all the best in the category they are put in, and Xiaomi coming with the latest Android OS mostly Kitkat 4.4 is another added feature for the devices. But there have been many queries from users who are trying to change the Custom launcher in Xiaomi devices which is the MIUI skin and to install other launchers like Google Launcher, Nova Launcher, Go launcher or the Nokia Z Launcher. There was one problem which I noticed with Redmi 1s which made many users go for other launchers which is the absence of an App Drawer.

So for those of you who want to change the Launcher in Xiaomi devices here are steps or procedure to change it:

All you have to do is select the launcher which you want to install and then make the launcher as default in your Xiaomi device.

1. Download and Install the Launcher which you want to use in your Xiaomi Redmi 1s or Mi3 or Mi4 device from Google Play store.

2. You can set is as default by Tapping on the installed Launcher icon and you will be immediately getting a pop up box asking your to got to settings and change the Default option
how to change system launcher in Xiaomi mi3 mi4 redmi 1s and note devices
3. Or you can directly go into Settings and then go to General Settings from there tap on Apps

4. Here you will be seeing the list of apps installed on your device and under All at the bottom of the screen you can see Default App Settings – Tap on it

how to change launchers in xiaomi devices

5. Here under the list of options tap on Launcher which will be set as Default and you will be directed to a page with the list of other Launchers installed.

6. Tap on the launcher which you want to Activate and you will get a pop up box from the bottom of the screen warning you about the increase in power consumption and decreased speed which might occur due to the use of other launchers. Tap on Replace.
change launcher in xiaomi redmi 1s
7. And that is it you can now go back to your Home Screen and see that the launcher which you have selected is installed and you can change the appearance etc by going into the Launcher App and playing around with the settings.


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